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Reliability and responsiveness of lysholm knee scoring scale and knee outcome survey activity of daily living scale (ADLS) for patients with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction


    Objective: To Find out the Reliability and Responsiveness of Lysholm Knee scoring scale and Knee Outcome Survey Activity of Daily Living Scale in patients with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction .
    Study design : Prospective and Observational study with Repeated Measures
    Method: 30 Patients were included. The study included an initial assessment and a follow up assessment. On the initial assessment (24 to 48 hrs) after reconstruction, with the help of Lysholm Knee Scoring Scale and Activity of Daily Living Scale, score were recorded. Second assessment was done after one day in order to estimate the test retest reliability and the follow assessment was done every month for consecutively 3 months .Data was analysed using spearman correlation coefficient and standard error of measurement.
    Results: Both the scales was statistically significant .but there was a higher value for activity of daily living scale (0.97 to 0.99) as compared to Lysholm knee scoring scale (0.78 to 0.88) and Activity of daily living scale had higher standard error of measurement (1.11) than Lysholm knee scoring scale
    Conclusion: The results obtained from the study shows that Activity of Daily Living Scale appears more useful instrument for measurement of functional limitations.
    Keywords: Scales, Anterior cruciate ligament, functional measurements

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Page No: 100-109.
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Language: English
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Authors: Sneha Narang Gandhi*, Suvarna Shyam Ganvir
Authors Address:  Guest Assistant Professor, University Institute of Health Sciences, CSJM University, Kanpur.
Consultant, The Spastic Centre, Kanpur.
111A/131, Ashok Nagar, Behind Kanha continental, Kanpur, Mobile no - 7897957777
Professor, PDVVPF’S College of physiotherapy, Ahmednagar , Mobile no - 9372910683
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