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A case report of urolithiasis of patient with bilateral ureteric stones


    Urolithiasis is one of the commonest disease of urinary system and a biggest challenge faced by urologists. In Ayurveda, urolithiasis is described as Ashmari & Acharya Sushruta has included it among the Asta Mahagada. In modern era, the medical treatment of urolithiasis is ineffective and lithotripsy or surgical techniques are invasive, costly and related with complications. Many Ayurvedic drugs have been employed to treat urinary stones. The rationale behind use of many of them is not well established. Therefore present study was inclined towards the disintegration and expulsion of stone along with relief in sign and symptoms of urolithiasis by Ayurvedic drug. A case report of a 58-years male, came at OPD of Shalya Tantra Department of Rishikul Govt. P.G. Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Haridwar, has been presented here having bilateral ureteric stones. He was complaining of continuous bilateral pain from loin to groin with mild urinary obstruction since 10 days. His USG report suggested a ureteric calculi of 12 mm size in Lt. ureter [Upper part] and a calculus of 10 mm. size in Rt. Ureter [Lower part]. He was treated with single drug therapy of ‘Kulattha kwath’ with 'Anupaan of Sharpunkha' [Tephrosia  purpurea]  and 'Sendha namak' [Rock salt] for three months. 100% relief in pain and urinary obstruction with complete expulsion of both ureteric stones was observed and no side effect seen. Variations in all haematological, biochemical, urine routine and microscopic values were observed within normal range.
    Keywords: Urolithiasis, Ashmari, Ayurveda, Asta Mahagada, Kulattha kwath

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Page No: 110-114
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Language: English
Licence: IJW
Authors: Richa Sharma*
Authors Address: *P.G. Scholar, Department  of  Shalya  Tantra, Rishikul Govt. P.G. Ayurvedic  College  & Hospital, Haridwar, U.K., India

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